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Neuralign S™

An Innovation in Shoulder Rehabilitation

Neuralign S™ is revolutionizing the restoration of optimal shoulder movement and function


How It Works

The Neuralign S is a therapeutic Motion Activated Stimulation™ (MAS) device that employs advanced sensor technology coupled with neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) to aid patients in recalibrating complex muscular movements in order to restore optimal joint motion and function. The Neuralign S specialized software monitors and analyzes the patient’s activity to support further diagnosis and treatment.

The Neuralign S is a wearable NMES device designed for the treatment of shoulder pathologies and the Neuralign S specialized software helps shape the treatment process. What makes it different from other types of stimulation devices is its ability to dynamically interact with the patient during active rehabilitation. Utilizing advanced sensor technology, the device is able to detect a patient’s movement during therapeutic exercises and respond by progressively stimulating targeted muscles. The device provides sensory, auditory and visual biofeedback to the patient to help reestablish physiological muscle activation through a “feed-forward” mechanism.

Motion-Activated Stimulation

Patient begins exercise motion
Neuralign senses patient movement
Progressively stimulates muscles
Body learns optimal muscle sequence and path


Who It Helps

Neuralign S can be used as a treatment for a variety of conditions resulting in diminished or altered movement of the shoulder. Whether a patient is pre-habbing before a surgical procedure, undergoing physical therapy following a surgery, addressing a long-standing shoulder pathology, or is an athlete seeking to restore optimal joint kinematics, Neuralign S is a solution to aid in achieving those goals.

This treatment saved my shoulder

“I believe that this treatment saved my shoulder. I have always been athletic, I have been a competitive swimmer, I am a rock climber, being athletic is part of my identity. In January 2021 I suffered a complete SLAP tear, afterwards learning that I have severe glenoid dysplasia and retroverted humeral head. Taken together, after the tear, I could not even lift a cup because I suddenly had posterior instability.

I have done the Neuralign S treatment and I’m just so grateful and impressed with how much it was able to help me. I’m back to my previous level of activity. My expectation after being injured was that I may not live independently anymore. I wouldn’t be able to drive again or do such things like food preparation. I can swim butterfly again, I can go climbing with my friends, and everything.

Thank you so much, I feel that I have my life back.”

Actual Patient

How It’s Different

Traditional NMES devices are programmed to operate with predefined intervals and frequency. The speed and timing of a user’s motion is dictated by the preset program. That seemed backwards to us, so we built something better.

The Neuralign’s embedded MAS technology senses and responds to patient movement, automatically adjusting stimulation intensity and rhythms applied through the electrodes. This unique, patented feature allows the patient to dynamically interact with the device in order to restore normal muscle activation patterns for each movement.

In addition to the MAS technology, the Neuralign S provides a patient with biofeedback throughout each treatment session using auditory, visual and sensory cues to guide the patient through completion of each exercise repetition.


A companion app to guide your progress

Neuralign S is controlled through an app on a tablet wirelessly connected to the device. The app provides specific instructions for each exercise, the number of required repetitions, and the proper electrode positioning that the patient should follow during their rehabilitation using the device. The app contains multiple therapeutic protocols designed for different shoulder pathologies. In addition, the app allows for exercise programs to be customized or manually adjusted by a healthcare professional.

While Neuralign S is in use, the app counts the number of repetitions for each exercise in a program, tracks the patient’s progress and provides real-time visualization of the exercise for the patient and the therapist to follow.

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