Visualizing the Unseen

ShowMotion helps healthcare professionals track and evaluate patient movements with precision and in real time


How It Works

ShowMotion uses a collection of non-invasive motion tracking sensors that are placed on the patient’s body. The patient is asked to perform a series of simple movements involving the area of focus – upper extremity, lower extremity or spine. The sensors transmit movement data which is then displayed in graphical form on the clinician’s computer, allowing them to identify alterations in motion and/or compensatory movements utilizing ShowMotion’s patented algorithms. Healthcare professionals can utilize this data to inform development or adjustment of personalized therapeutic and conditioning programs for their patients.

Motion Analysis

Who It Helps

Helping Clinicians Analyze Movement and Address Muscular Dysfunction

ShowMotion provides healthcare professionals with an objective tool for the analysis of joint movement in patients who are experiencing abnormalities affecting function. ShowMotion can help clinicians refine therapy programs, assess progress and track outcomes towards rehabilitation goals.

Optimizing Movement for Athletes

ShowMotion is also ideal for those working with professional and amateur athletes in measuring baseline kinematics that can be assessed and tracked over the course of strength and conditioning programs. Kinematic analysis can be performed in the field (or office), allowing movement specialists to help those in their care optimize their movement for increased speed, strength, and reduced chances of injury.

Dynamic Analysis

“With the ShowMotion platform, I am able to accomplish a thorough and objective exam of the shoulder complex in literally a few minutes. The technology provides an immediate dynamic three dimensional motion analysis of the scapula that I use to develop a customized exercise program for each patient. I am then able to track the patient’s progress and make ongoing changes to their therapy to help speed and dramatically improve their recovery”

Director of PT

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